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Weaver Bally Road Sediment Implementation Project in Weaverville


Sealed Proposals for the work described herein for the
Weaver Bally Road Sediment Implementation Project in Weaverville
will be received at Northwest CA Resource Conservation & Development Council (Council),
5C Program
Attn: Mark Lancaster
40 Horseshoe Lane, PO Box 2571
Weaverville, CA 96093-2571

until 5:00pm Tuesday, September 5th, 2017,  at which time they will be publicly opened and read at the above address.  
Please note that mail submissions must be addressed to the PO Box above.  Proposals delivered in person may be left with any Council staff member.  Call ahead before stopping by (530.623.3967 x111) to ensure the office isn’t closed (e.g., lunch, staff out in the field).  Proposals must use the Proposal Form (link also included below) or bid packets can be picked up 40 Horseshoe Lane, Weaverville CA.  The bid must list hourly wages for personnel and also for equipment that would be made available for the project.  This Project is not subject to contract procedures as set forth in Section 22032, et seq., of the Public Contract Code. Prevailing wage rates are not required for this project.

Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program is a program of the non-profit Northwest CA RC&D Council.  This is a restoration project designed to reduce road-related sediment from delivering to streams.  The Council envisions entering into an agreement with a responsible contractor where compensation is based on time and materials.

Location of Project:
This project will be conducted entirely on a USFS road in Trinity County, which is accessed via State Hwy 299 and Memorial Drive, which is a county road.  Weaver Bally Road is 18 ft wide on average. Road slopes range from 2% to 12% and average approximately 4%.  A site visit will be conducted with Council staff overseeing the project once a Proposal and contractor have been selected.

Project Description:
Project work consists of:
· Mobilization
· Replace an existing 32" CMP with a 36" CMP (salvage 32" to be reinstalled at a different
location) (Site 2)
· Dig out accumulated sediment at Site 2 ~100' (Site 2);
· Replace existing 8" HDPE culvert with an 18" CMP culvert Site 3A);
· Replacing existing 24" CMP with salvaged 32" CMP (Site 3);
· Clean out ~100' Ditch between Site 3 & 4
· Install RSP at existing culvert inlet (Site 5);
· Install a ~40' x 14' French Mattress with geotextile fabric (Site 6);
· Raise road elevation ~10" for ~130' (Site 6);
· Install a 140' x 4' French Drain (Site 6);
· Transition ~500' of road surface from crown to in/outslope (Site 7- 8);
· Install 2 rolling dips (Site 10 & 11);
· Clean 5 Road Ditch Knockouts (various locations);
· Grade ~one mile of gravel road to maintain a crown surface;
· Supplemental road surfacing- extent to be determined;
· Install ~200 1-2 ton delineator boulders along the road edge;

Materials will be purchased by Council but delivery may be negotiated with selected contractor.

An engineer/construction manager will be on-site to provide direction and inspect work on a regular basis. More detailed treatments, standard specifications for treatments, and construction best management practices required for the project are included in the Council's sample contractor agreement (also linked below). Disregard Exhibit E Certifications "B", "C", and "D". The work described in the sample agreement is specific to this project and informal bid notice.  However the terms of the agreement are for reference only as the actual agreement and terms to be used for this project may be modified. 

Agreement Requirements
The contractor whose Proposal is selected will be required to enter into a formal agreement with the Council.  Contractor will be compensated based on staff and equipment time spent and materials purchased for the project.  The agreement is subject to many provisions such as nondiscrimination and compliance requirements, liability insurance, expense reimbursement documentation, etc.  There will be performance provisions in place and retention withheld from each contractor invoice until project completion.  Contractor must be licensed to operate all equipment listed on the Proposal Form submitted for the project.  Refer to the Council's sample contractor agreement to obtain a sense of the terms of the agreement to be executed for this project.  This sample agreement is for reference only.  The actual terms to be used for this project may be modified. 

This project is expected to be completed by November 1, 2017.  Construction will begin as soon as possible, pending weather and other conditions (e.g., project permit terms). 


Bid packet information:

Informal Bid Proposal Form_Weaver Bally Rd: Form required for submitting bid proposals.

Sample Agreement_Treatment Info_Weaver Bally_Council: Contains detailed treatments, standard specifications for treatments, and construction best management practices required for the project.

LITH design standards referenced in the Sample Agreement: Contains pages from the Sample Agreement referenced above, specifically Exhibit "A" Specifications for Work.