Leaping Steelhead, photo by Jill K Duffy - all rights reserved

Beaver Best Management Practices Workshop Feb 9, 2013
The 5C Program is sponsoring a Beaver Best Management Practices Workshop on February 9, 2013 from 10am-4pm at the Douglas City Volunteer Fire Department Meeting Hall. The workshop is free, but advance registration is required.

The population of beavers is growing in Trinity County and many landowners are witnessing beaver activity in their own backyard. This activity has begun to raise many questions: Are they a nuisance? Are they the key to improving riparian ecosystems and improving steelhead and salmon habitat?  Or, are they possibly both? To answer these questions and more, the Five Counties Program is hosting a FREE workshop on February 9, 2013 at the Douglas City Volunteer Fire Hall from 10am-4pm. Topics will include this recent growth of beaver bustle and how it may affect private landowners, county roads, and local fisheries.

Beaver dam located on Weaver Creek

The featured speaker, Mike Callahan, is a nationally known beaver specialist who joins us from Massachusetts (www.beaversolutions.com). In addition to sharing his years of experience in balancing beaver activity and human interests, he will also provide a field demonstration of tree protection devices. The workshop will also host additional speakers from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, to discuss state laws & regulations regarding beavers.

Workshop Topics will include:

  • Assessing & managing beaver dams
  • Beavers & relationships to roads
  • Protecting private property
  • Flow devices & tree protection
  • Ecological considerations & impact on fisheries
  • A field demonstration at a site of beaver activity

This workshop has been designed to benefit you, the landowner and land manager. We aim to provide valuable information about beavers and their relationships to you, your property, and the community you live in.  Come learn more about the beaver (Castor canadensis) from national and local experts by getting involved in this community outreach endeavor.

Beaver dam located on Weaver Creek

This workshop is funded by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife Fisheries Restoration Grant Program.

Please contact us for more info.