Weaver Creek FPIP at Oregon Street, Trinity County CA

Photo Monitoring Tips

Assemble the tools you will need for photomonitoring:

  • Camera!
  • GPS unit
  • Extra batteries for the camera and the GPS unit
  • Stadia rod
  • Compass
  • Photo logs or note book
  • Whiteboard used with dry erase felt pens and a clean cloth or eraser
  • Measuring wheel, distance measurer (range finder), or a 100' measuring tape
  • Road cones
  • Flagging, sharpie felt marker, paint pen, stakes and hammer

Tips for good photos:

  • Make sure the camera date and time is set correctly. If not adjust to the correct date/time or turn off the date stamp feature so the pictures won't be labeled with the wrong information
  • Have a clear view of the subject
  • A reference point
  • Measure the distance between you and the subject
  • Glare: you do not want glare on your white board because it makes it hard to read
  • Take the existing photo of the subject (if there is one) with you for reference
  • Use an object in the photo for scale

Reference Point:

  • Select an existing structore or landmark that will not be removed during construction (site treatment) to safely stand on or by.
  • Some examples of useful landmarks:
    • The inlet of a culvert
    • A large, healthy tree
    • A large rock that will not be removed

Photomonitoring Examples:

Conditions effecting photo quality
Use existing photos (if available) for reference
Use tools or items to indicate scale
Good example of before & after photo monitoring
Good example of before & after photo monitoring
Good example of before & after photo monitoring

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