West Weaver Creek FPIP at Oregon Street, Trinity County

Sharber-Peckham Creeks Fish Migration Barrier
The project is located near the town of Salyer, Trinity County, California at the intersection of Peckham Creek, a tributary to the Trinity River, and Fountain Ranch Road/Quinby Road. 5C proposed to replace an undersized 48-inch diameter culvert with a 12 foot x14 foot multi-plate arch culvert with an embedded bottom on Peckham Creek. The project goal was to remove a migration barrier to Chinook salmon, steelhead trout and coho salmon, a federally threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Construction for this project took place between September and December of 2016. 5C and contractor Environmental Restoration Services (ERS) installed the new 15 foot wide elliptical culvert, filled with natural river bed material and matching the grade of the creek in order to both allow for better fish passage and accomodate high flow levels. Remaining work will take place in the summer of 2017 and includes installing rock ribbons and large wooded debris along the channel to maintain the current grade of the stream.

Fish Attempt to Pass Culvert 2010

This video features images of migrating salmonids attempting to pass through a perched, high-velocity culvert. Several fish display injuries sustained in the attempt.

It may take a moment for the video to begin, please be patient. Approximate run-time: 4 minutes. No narration - audio portion of video is poor and comments cannot be heard above sound of creek--don't bother to adjust volume/audio quality.

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Post-Construction Images:

5C snorkler surveys fish population in Sharber Creek in June 2017



Snorkler surveys fish population near outlet of new culvert


Coho Salmon Parr present in creek after new passage was installed


Coho Salmon Parr present in creek after new passage was installed






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