West Weaver Creek FPIP at Oregon Street, Trinity County

Sharber-Peckham Creeks Fish Migration Barrier, Fish Attempt to Pass Culvert 2010
This video features images of migrating salmonids attempting to pass through a perched, high-velocity culvert. Several fish display injuries sustained in the attempt.

The project is located near the town of Salyer, Trinity County, California at the intersection of Peckham Creek, a tributary to the Trinity River, and Fountain Ranch Road/Quinby Road. 5C proposes to replace an undersized 48-inch diameter culvert with a 12 foot x14 foot multi-plate arch culvert with an embedded bottom on Peckham Creek. The proposed project will remove a migration barrier to Chinook salmon, steelhead trout and coho salmon, a federally threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

It may take a moment for the video to begin, please be patient. Approximate run-time: 4 minutes. No narration - audio portion of video is poor and comments cannot be heard above sound of creek--don't bother to adjust volume/audio quality.

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