Leaping Steelhead, photo by Jill K Duffy

2012 5C Roads Workshop
Workshop attendees in break-out groups explore design soluntions for Dutch Creek Road in Trinity CountyThe 9th Annual 5C Roads Workshop was held at the Trinity Lakes Resort at Cedar Stock in October 22-25, 2012. Approximately 55 participants representing road departments from all 5 counties, state and federal agencies and fisheries biologists were in attendance. Specialists in the restoration field presented topics and led panel discussions and field demonstrations. Workshop sessions included policy, permitting, Best Management Practices (BMPs), biological and geological considerations and innovative restoration techniques.

The workshop agenda included an overview of the Roads Manual topics and BMPs, as well as sessions on the state of the coho, programmatic workloads, county successes and program goals. Several field tours were conducted to discuss past project construction and future project design issues. State agency representatives joined us in the field and attendees had the opportunity to discuss project design features and techniques in the context of challenges faced by County Departments with limited resources.

This training effort for County Public Works Department staff began with an introductory workshop session at the April 2002 Salmon, Water Quality, and Roads Workshop. Subsequent workshops in 2005, 2006, and 2007 included Roads Manual BMP training lectures and field demonstrations. Individual trainings in each County have also taken place. 5C Program staff members continually provide stream crossing, ditch maintenance and vegetation management training to County road staff and contractors during implementation projects. All five counties have incorporated the Road Manual BMPs into their work and continue to modify existing road maintenance practices accordingly.

Listed below are topics presented at the 2012 workshop in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. If you have any questions about the workshop or presentations, please contact us for more info.