Chinook Fry, image courtesy of USFWS & Dan Cox

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  • Landowner Road Maintenence Workshop was held on 8/24/2017 at the Weaverville Fire Hall at 5:30pm.
  • The 5C is pursuing informal bids for a few small restoration projects: 1) Valdor and Upper Roads in Junction City; 2) Weaver Bally Road in Weaverville; and 3) various private roads in Browns Creek in Douglas City. Information for the Valdor and Upper Roads and the Browns Creek work will be posted soon - please visit this page again soon.

Recent News


5C Program News
5C has been involved in water conservation for years, but those efforts have never been more timely than now, as we enter the worst drought in California history. Weaverville is unique in California as a location where weather data has been recorded continuously since 1850. 5C Program Director Mark Lancaster studies this data and speaks in Northern California on what this means to area residents and wildlife...more

Ryan Creek #2 project completed-new culvert accomodates fish & storm flow

Del Norte County Project News
This project aimed to enhance water quality and improve salmonid habitat in the Griffin Creek and Middle Fork Smith River watersheds by implementing cost-effective sediment reduction treatment at the highest priority County road-related sediment source site on Oregon Mountain Road. This road treatment is expected to prevent at least 3,660 cubic yards of road fill related sediment from reaching tributary streams to Griffin Creek...more

Peacock Creek FPIP

Humboldt County Project News
The fish passage work completed in Humboldt County has the highest documented returns of adult Coho and Chinook salmon and steelhead, usually within the same year as construction. Humboldt County has taken the lead among the Five Counties in removing migration barriers on County roads. The Humboldt County Department of Public Works has strived to design, fund and build 19 projects to date, opening up 30 miles of habitat since 2000...more

Indian Creek project completed

Mendocino County Project News
Monitors and local residents were delighted to report that fish are now to be found in the upper reaches of Ryan Creek, an area where no fish have been seen for 50 years. This project is part of a larger cooperative effort by Mendocino County and 5C to protect, maintain and restore anadromous salmonid habitat and water quality while also enhancing public infrastructure ...more

Ryan Creek FPIP

Siskiyou County Project News
In 2008, two dams on Whites Gulch were removed by the Salmon River Restoration Council, California Department of Fish & Game, and NOAA. The lower barrier, a 16-foot wide, 90-foot long multiplate arch culvert (below, top) on Whites Gulch Road was replaced by Siskiyou County Public Works in September 2009. This project allows complete access to 3.5 miles of perennial, shaded cold water refugia in this tributary to the North Fork Salmon River...more

Whites Gulch FPIP

Trinity County Project News
Shady Creek Lane was identified as the first target treatment road in this watershed because it contains the highest priority sediment sources identified in the road inventory. Landowners on this stretch of private road were active participants in the planning of the project, some providing in-kind services such as equipment, brushing labor or sharing of water suppliess....more

Conner Creek FPIP and Sediment Reduction project

The 5C Enews has been funded through various grants including the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program through the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

Image of Chinook Fry at top of webpage courtesy of USFWS & Dan Cox