West Weaver Creek FPIP at Oregon Street, Trinity County

5C Projects
5C and/or member counties coordinate numerous fish passage improvement, sediment reduction, habitat enhancement, and water quality improvement projects in the Program's area in collaboration with 5C partners. Listed below are projects (completed, in progress, and future). They are labeled Fish Passage Improvement Projects (FPIP) and/or Sediment Reduction (SedRed). Listings with no comments are in development and pending. Visit our Project Gallery for photos of projects in each county. Click on links in projects lists for more details.

Del Norte County
Jordan Creek FPIP in Humboldt County

Humboldt County
South Fork Anker Creek FPIP

  • East Anderson Creek FPIP
  • Anker Creek (North) FPIP
  • Anker Creek (South) FPIP at Fieldbrook Road
  • Anker Creek (South) FPIP at Anker Road, final report & report images, view project in gallery
  • Bear Ck (South) FPIP, final report
  • Bullwinkle Creek FPIP
  • Chamise Mountain (Kings Peak) Rd FPIP & SedRed
  • Clear Creek FPIP
  • Cloney Gulch FPIP
  • Cutoff Slough, Salt River FPIP, in progress
  • Dinner Creek FPIP, in progress
  • East Branch Road SedRed
  • Essex Creek FPIP
  • Fish Creek FPIP, in progress
  • Francis Creek FPIP, in progress
  • Gibson Creek FPIP
  • Graham Gulch FPIP, final report
  • Grassy Creek FPIP
  • Indian Creek FPIP, in progress
  • Lindsay Creek FPIP, project presentation
  • Maple Creek Sed Red
  • Mather Creek FPIP
  • Mill Creek FPIP
  • Mill (Wautek) Creek FPIP, in progress
  • East Mill Creek #1 FPIP
  • Morrison Gulch FPIP
  • Norton Creek FPIP
  • Painter Creek FPIP
  • Powers Creek FPIP
  • Rocky Gulch FPIP, final report
  • Salmon Creek FPIP, view photolog of installation
  • Saunders Creek FPIP
  • Showers Pass Road SedRed
  • Stanley Creek FPIP
  • Stansberry Creek FPIP
  • Stover Road Sed Red
  • Sullivan Gulch FPIP
  • Telegraph Creek FPIP, in progress
  • Warren Creek FPIP
  • Widow White Creek #2 FPIP

Mendocino County
Tompki Road FPIP in Mendocino County

Siskiyou County
Whites Gulch FPIP in Siskiyou County

  • Barkhouse Creek FPIP
  • Deep Creek FPIP
  • Horse Creek FPIP, pending
  • Hotelling Gulch FPIP
  • Humbug Creek FPIP
  • Kelly Gulch FPIP, photo presentation
  • Kidder Ck Sed Red
  • Little Humbug Creek FPIP
  • McKinney Creek FPIP, in progress
  • Merrill Creek FPIP, photo presentation
  • Scott River FPIP
  • Sugar Creek Road SedRed
  • East Fork Scott River FPIP
  • Whites Gulch FPIP, final report, featured in project gallery

Trinity County
West Weaver Creek at Oregon Street FPIP in Trinity County

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