Leaping Steelhead, photo by Jill K Duffy--all rights reserved

5C Document Library
A list of helpful, informative documents on salmon conservation, 5C program information, and planning resources. All documents referenced on this website are listed here.

Five Counties Memorandum of Agreement. The program began with an MOU between the Boards of Supervisors of each 5C County which has been updated with the transfer of the Program to the Northwest California Resource Conservation & Development Council.

Assessment Reports:

5C Program Grant Reports:

Road Department Resources, Roads Manual, Low Impact to Hydrology (LITH) Information, and introductory Sediment Video:

Migration Barrier Inventory Reports & Fish Passage Information:
The 5C Fish Passage Improvement Program began with an inventory of migration barriers on County roads in each individual County. The inventories serve as guide for project implementation and prioritization.

DIRT Inventory Reports:

Wetlands Information:

Sustainable Energy & Water Conservation:

Stormwater Management:

County Ordinances & Land Use Development Standards:

5C Project Reports

Salmon Facts

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Leaping Steelhead image at top of page courtesy of Jill K Duffy--all rights reserved.